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10 Sensational Stops for Japanese Food in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Jay Friedman 9 comments

If you're visiting Tokyo for business or pleasure, there's a good chance you'll be staying in the Shinjuku area. Arrive at night, and you'll feel like an alien (or perhaps a replicant?) amidst all the neon in the Blade Runner-like atmosphere. And while amazing Japanese food surrounds you, that alien feeling may challenge you in navigating the streets (addresses are difficult in Japan), not to mention the menus, and perhaps even the basic how-tos of ordering and etiquette. Read on for a list of essential Japanese dishes to eat in Tokyo and our favorite spots to enjoy them, all right in the Shinjuku area. More

Spam Breakfast Burger Debuts at Burger King Japan

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 7 comments

Ever wanted a Spam burger for breakfast? Good news (if you live in Japan): Burger King can set you up for ¥260 (about $2.50 US). More

A Tour of the Gorgeous Produce at Ota Market in Japan

Market Scene Scott Haas 8 comments

Ota is the most unique produce market I have ever visited: few signs, little on display, no crowds of frenzied shoppers, no shouting, no aromas. Like so much in Japan, you need to know where you're going and what you're looking for to have a successful trip. Here's how to make the most out of your visit. More

We Try the Diner Double Beef, a '50s-Themed Burger From McDonald's Japan

A Hamburger Today Jeremy Goldberg 22 comments

As part of their American Vintage campaign, McDonald's Japan released the Diner Double Beef burger, their image of a 1950s diner steak plate in hamburger form: double 100 percent beef patties with a fried egg, a slice of cheese, onions, Chicago-style steak sauce, and a mashed potato sauce on a classic whole wheat bun. More

Get Grilled Apple-Topped Burgers at Burger King Japan

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 1 comment

Instead of tomato, two new burgers from Burger King Japan are sporting grilled apple slices. More

Just in Time for Valentine's Day, Lotteria Debuts a Burger With Chocolate Sauce

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 3 comments

Yep, you read that right: chocolate sauce is being used as a burger topping. More

What's New in Japanese Whisky

Drinks Andrew Strenio 3 comments

Suntory and Nikka remain the sole Japanese distillers exporting their whisky for American consumption, but there are a number of new bottlings on the market in the US. More

Ao Vodka Could Change Your Mind About Vodka

Drinks Andrew Strenio 12 comments

This vodka from Suntory is made from 100% Japanese rice and water sourced from the island of Kyushu. The rice mash is distilled in small pot stills and clarified through a bamboo filtration process. More

Snapshots from Japan: The Tokyo Cocktail Scene

Drinks Scott Haas 4 comments

Watching top bartenders in Tokyo, I think of the Japanese tea ceremony, with its elaborate details and rules. Both reflect what Japanese call kodawari, which translates roughly to a striving for unreachable perfection achieved through relentless practice, repetition, and extreme attention to detail. More

After Hours: Where to Find Great Late-Night Eats in Tokyo

Scott Haas 3 comments

Yakitori, takoyaki, tsukumen, and more: what and where to eat should you find yourself hungry in Tokyo in the wee hours. More

A Tour Inside of Tokyo's Tsukiji, The World's Largest Fish Market

Market Scene Scott Haas 5 comments

As Tokyo's legendary Tsukiji fish market prepares to move in 2015, we pay a visit to the tuna bidders inside and discover some of the lesser-known vendors just outside of the main market. Plus, sushi for breakfast! More

Read This Now: "Pretty Good Number One," A Fish-Out-of-Water Tokyo Tale

J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

I interviewed author Matthew Amster-Burton, one of the funniest writers I know, about his new book, Pretty Good Number One, which details his experiences eating around Tokyo. Plus, a ramen-filled excerpt from the book! More

The Food Lab Turbo: Broiled Miso Black Cod

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

These days, miso-marinated black cod is almost synonymous with Nobu Matsuhisa's New York restaurant, though he by no means invented the dish. It stems from a traditional Japanese preparation called kasuzuke, in which fish and vegetables are marinated in the leftover lees from sake production before being broiled or grilled. This is the fish dish to pull out when you're ready to blow away your spouse or dinner guests, but don't want to put more than five minutes of effort into making dinner. Five minutes. Really. More

Yo-Ho Brewing: A Window Into Craft Beer in Japan

Drinks Ben Jay 10 comments

Until 1994, Japanese tax laws, enacted to protect domestic brewing, set minimum production limits that instead ensured the dominance of the big four breweries Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntory. However, when those minimums were lowered from two million liters/year to 60,000 liters/year, it opened the door for craft brewing to emerge in the land of the rising sun. Since then, a fledgling, but vibrant scene has developed, and Yo-Ho Brewing in Nagano is a leading player. More

Freshness Burger Invents a Wrapper That Acts as a Privacy Shield

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 7 comments

Freshness Burger, a Japanese burger restaurant, has invented a new wrapper that lets female customers dig into the largest burger on the menu without fear of judgment. More

Black Ninja Burger Coming to Burger King Japan

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 7 comments

A new black bunned burger is headed to Burger King Japan. This time, it's topped with a hash brown patty, thick, ham-like bacon, and onion-garlic soy sauce. More

Paul Qui and the Hole In The Wall Team Talk Ramen Shop

Jamie Feldmar 1 comment

At East Side King at Hole in the Wall in Austin, chef/owner Paul Qui, head chef Yoshi Okai, and partner Moto Utsunomiya are known for turning out slightly gonzo, supremely satisfying ramens like beer bacon miso and chicken tortilla ramen. They're also all ramen aficionados in their own right, clocking serious mileage between Texas and Japan to scope out the latest in ramen trends across the country. We talked to the trio about their most memorable bowls of all time, ramen in the US versus ramen in Japan, and more. More

Eight Great Bowls of Ramen to Slurp in Tokyo

Jay Friedman 7 comments

With so many quality restaurants serving ramen at reasonable prices (you'll rarely pay more than $10 for a bowl), it's tempting to travel throughout Tokyo tasting bowls of noodles. Here are eight of my favorite bowls. More

The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles

J. Kenji López-Alt 49 comments

With the amount of regional styles and specialities out there, we're not even going to pretend that a comprehensive style guide to all of the ramen in the world is possible. But we can dive deep into ramen broths, soup bases, noodles, seasonings, toppings and oh-so-much more to give you something to noodle over. More

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