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Patra's Burgers Gets a Healthy Makeover on 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution'

In his reality show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, English celebrity chef and media personality Jamie Oliver aims to bring awareness about healthy eating, where food comes from, and diet-related disease to Americans. (He's done the same in the UK with his shows Jamie's School Dinners and Jamie's Ministry of Food.) The first season took place in Huntington, West Virginia; in the second season, he's in Los Angeles, attempting to bring his food revolution to the public school system and—closer to the heart of this blog—reinvent a family-own fast food joint. It's not breaking news that burger joint Patra's got a healthy makeover in the show—Oliver manned the grills at Patra's back in February—but the season is still going (now on episode four since it started airing in April), and if you haven't started watching the show yet, it's worth checking out. More

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 6): 'The Finale'

It's been a rough few months for Jamie Oliver! On his quest to change the eating habits of people in Huntington, West Virginia, he's encountered opposition from parents, students, lunch ladies, talk show hosts, and on last night's finale, one very difficult to drive vehicle. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD] More

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 3): 'French Fries Are Vegetables!'

Jamie was clearly upset by the sheer amount of french fry chowage (technical term) going on around him, so he took the opportunity to send out a sternly worded warning about overindulging in their deliciousness. "Do I love french fries?" he asked sarcastically. "The french fry is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. But you eat those little babies every day, and your heinie's gonna get bigger than Godzilla's jacksie!" More

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