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Meet Your Farmers: Golden Earthworm Farm of Jamesport, New York

Carson Poole Post a comment

[Photographs: Maggie Wood] The North Fork of Long Island may not be as glamorous as its southerly neighbor (the more famous fork, home to the Hamptons and Montauk) but it's an agricultural paradise with rich soil and an ocean-tempered climate that remains largely rural and committed to its agrarian roots. Traditionally potato country, the region is now home to more than 30 vineyards and is teeming with large and small-scale vegetable farms, berry patches, and orchards. In addition to the farmers' markets, CSAs, and roadside farm stands, you'll also find top-notch farm-to-table dining. (like the North Fork Table and Inn). So who's behind the bounty of good food coming out of the North Fork? I recently spoke with the... More

East End Eats: Where to Eat in Jamesport

New York Brian Halweil 1 comment

Head east on Route 25 (Main Road) from Riverhead, and the landscape relaxes from strip mall big-box stores to a winding route passing farms, farm stands, green vineyards, and colorful garden-farm markets. This tranquil vista is punctuated by white... More

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