'Jacques Pepin' on Serious Eats

'Men's Vogue' Asks Jacques Pepin the Tough Question: Big Mac or Whopper

In the latest installment of its Visionaries series, Men's Vogue talks to Jacques Pepin. There's a short profile that contextualizes Pepin's influence on American cooking and cements his importance in the food world, but it's the Q&A portion of the feature where things really get interesting. What's the worst idea you ever had? I've had a few bad ideas! Now I can formulate an idea and salivate in my head and visualize the recipe before I do it. The hammer doesn't always hit on the head, but I get closer and closer as I get older. But the art of cooking is really the art of adjusting, or recovery — that's what you see a real professional do. If you... More

The Foodie's Guide to Getting Older

When you get older a lot of things change -- where you live, what you do and of course what you eat. It's natural that as a foodie you might worry that old age means the end of good eating, but as Slate reports, that isn't necessarily the case. Here's what you can actually expect: The Bad News You will eat less. As your energy needs decrease, your appetite usually goes with them. The delicious aromas of baking bread, frying bacon and even stinky cheeses may not hold the allure they once did. Most older people go through a major deterioration in their sense of smell, which is a key part of flavor. Say goodbye to salt. With more than... More

Essentials: Vinaigrette

Between my junior and senior years of high school, I spent a summer studying in Paris. Although I knew enough to make a trip to Berthillon, discovered Nutella, and would hang around Fauchon staring at the piles of shining produce... More

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