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Sugar Rush: House Baked Goods at Jack's Stir Brew

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Jack's used to outsource most of the baked goods offered at the cafe, but with the opening of a new location at 10 Downing, they're taking everything indoors...and vegan. More

Hot Drinks, NY: The Happy Jack at Jack's Stir Brew

Drinks Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

Part drink, part dessert, the Happy Jack is a well-executed latte steamed with spoonfuls of fragrant honey. A generous sprinkle of cinnamon tops it off. More

Sugar Rush: Iced Chocolate

New York Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] There are two places in the city where I enjoy "everyday" iced chocolate. This is iced chocolate that isn't obscenely rich, thick, or velvety—it's closer to a chilly glass of milk chocolate, one you can... More

Sugar Rush: The Mountie at Jack's Stir Brew

New York Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Your afternoon wake-up call with a touch of sweetness, all rolled into one. Meet The Mountie ($4.50) from Jack's Stir Brew in the West Village. A triple ristretto with steamed milk and maple syrup. Shakes... More

Sugar Rush: Applejack at Jack's Stir Brew

New York Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] Did you hear? It's supposed to be absolutely freezing this weekend. (If it weren't cold enough for you already.) My plans: a long novel, a good friend, a thick knitted scarf, and endless cups of the... More

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Downtown Edition

New York Carey Jones 20 comments

The contenders: Milk and Cookies, Insomnia Bakery, Jack's Stir Brew, Bouley Bakery, Balthazar, Dessert Club, Paradis To Go, Roasting Plant, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and the Downtown Cookie Company. More

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