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A Sandwich a Day: #5 Grilled Chicken from JJ Sandwich Shop in Los Angeles

Though it's across the street from legendary sandwichery, Cole's, JJ Sandwich Shop in downtown Los Angeles is the sort of nondescript city deli you could easily walk by for years without ever really noticing—but then you'd miss a menu of simple, satisfying, affordable sandwiches, served in a neighborhood that tends more toward tasty-but-pricey lunch eats. Despite its modest storefront digs, the mom-and-pop shop has developed a loyal clientele who stop in not only for the menu of classic deli sandwiches, salads, and a few hot teriyaki dishes, but also for a little TLC from the quiet but affable owners, who will offer you a slice of watermelon or part of an orange while you wait for your lunch. More

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