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Is This Breakfast? The Pretzel Croissant

Multiple choice time! The image you see at right is: a) a pretzel b) a croissant c) breakfast d) a snack e) A, B, and D, but not C f) all of the above A tough one, isn’t it? The City Bakery in New York City is famous for many things, its fudge-thick hot chocolate and beloved chocolate chip cookies among them. But the only baked good to have its own website—really—is the pretzel croissant. A happy oven-fresh love child of Paris and New York, the pretzel croissant is just what it sounds like—croissant dough in pretzel form. Now, if you made a pretzel-to-croissant spectrum, this guy would fall about two-thirds of the way toward the latter end; its pretzel... More

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