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Video: Iron Chef America 'Secret Ingredient' Compilation

Robyn Lee 27 comments

POTATOES! HAMBURGER! FROZEN PEAS! HONEEEY! WILD BOOAAR! FARMERS MARKET! Few people can shout these words with the same vein-bulging vigor of the Chairman (aka Mark Dacascos) on Iron Chef America. Feel the excitement/anger in this compilation of secret ingredient announcements from the show. More

Dance Your Ass Off, Chairman

Adam Kuban 6 comments

Mark Decascos, better known to foodos as Iron Chef America's Chairman, will be among the male celeb contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, premiering September 21 on ABC. [via Eat Me Daily]... More

A 'Guide' to Understanding the Food Network

Adam Kuban 10 comments

UPDATE: Do not bother clicking through the link here. Apparently, it is not funny. —AK, 8/9/2009 Longing for Cinnabon and Diet Cherry Dr Pepper? LOL. Food Network Humor, true to its name, offers a satirical list titled "Understanding the Food Network." These are little known "facts" that will help you "understand why the Food Network is the way it is": The Neelys: They are brother and sister. They just play a married couple.Sandra Lee: She feels that she is a woman trapped in a woman’s body.Tyler Florence: He is extremely sensitive to the fact that his first name is a common last name and his last name is a common woman’s first name.The Chairman of Iron Chef: He is not... More

Cooking Mama Insults Your Mama and Other Food Videogame Trailers

Gordon Mark 2 comments

If you're looking to get a new food-related videogame, decide what's worth playing by checking out these trailers for the recently released Cooking Mama: World Kitchen, and the upcoming What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver and Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine. Watch the videos after the jump.... More

'Iron Chef America' Video Game Featuring Batali and Morimoto

Robyn Lee 4 comments

ign.com Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto will be in the upcoming video game Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for Nintendo Wii and DS. Eater has the full press release from the video game developer Destineer with quotes from the soon-to-be-digitized star chefs: "I’m delighted to be involved with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine," said Chef Batali. "My video game counterpart is as passionate and competitive in the virtual Kitchen Stadium as I am in real life, and I think the participation of Chef Morimoto and I adds a great level of authenticity to the game.Adds Chef Morimoto: "Having been an Iron Chef in both Japan and America, I am pleased to partake in another exciting frontier – video games! Hopefully... More

'Nightline' Reveals Supposed Secrets of 'Iron Chef America'

Raphael 15 comments

Slated to air last Friday, but bumped because of a Qantas jet explosion that occurred the same day, Nightline ran their piece on Iron Chef America last night. The segment, described as a "behind the scenes" look that was supposed to "reveal secrets," actually revealed nothing we didn't already know: they use stand-ins before the Iron Chef is selected, the contestants know the secret ingredient ahead of time (it's one of three), and the Chairman isn't really the nephew of the original Japanese version's Chairman. He's just an actor. When asked about the judges, Cat Cora said, "you have to grin and bear it. There are times when you want to put a choke hold on someone but, you know,... More

Gothamist Interviews Food Critic and 'Iron Chef' Detractor Robert Sietsema

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Gothamist interviews Village Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema just ahead of his Choice Eats food festival tonight: You recently wrote a cover story for the Voice about how bogus Iron Chef is. What are some of the responses you’ve gotten to that article? I was delighted by the responses, especially the thoughtful flames—but some flamers went off their nut, either because they really love the Iron Chef, or because they have a vested (and often undisguised) interest in the show or the network. The funniest responses came from crybaby Iron Chef judges.... I approached the taping as an interested occasional watcher of the show, and I really assumed it was some sort of contest, no matter how manipulated. The argument... More

'Iron Chef America' for the Nintendo Wii and DS

Raphael 4 comments

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo Wii and DS has been officially announced. Check out the promotion video (but no gameplay video unfortunately). -->... More

Inside Look at Iron Chef America

Raphael 5 comments

The Village Voice's Robert Sietsema gives an inside look at Iron Chef America: "the fog machines kept cranking throughout the taping, concealing all sorts of details the network might not want you to see."... More

On the Contrary: Batali Shooting Two 'Iron Chef' Shows Next Week

Ed Levine 8 comments

I just talked to Mario Batali, and he tells me that what's reported in the New York Post about his leaving Iron Chef America is incorrect and that he's actually shooting two episodes of the show next week.... More

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