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Dinner Tonight: Steamed Salmon with Garlic and Ginger

Of all the cooking methods I use, steaming is probably close to the bottom of the list. Part of that is my fault; I don't usually get excited when I see "steaming" mentioned in recipes, correlating it unfairly with bland and boring. But bland and boring is about the last thing you'd say about this recipe from Andrea Nguyen's Into the Vietnamese Kitchen. The salmon fillets come out of the steamer juicy and coated in a flavorful sauce. More

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Cook the Book: 'Into the Vietnamese Kitchen'

Words by Michele Humes | Vietnamese restaurants in the U.S. tend to be dominated by pho and banh mi. Delicious as these signature creations are, Vietnam has a whole world of delicate, nuanced, often French-influenced dishes to explore. In Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, Andrea Nguyen, who also maintains the blog Viet World Kitchen, has compiled more than 175 recipes from her native land, carefully annotated so as not to intimidate the novice. Vietnamese food is notable for its fresh herbs, vibrant colors, and refreshing, frequently acidic flavors. You'll find many of the same flavors throughout Southeast Asia, but only in the Vietnamese tradition is each meal accompanied by a variety of fresh, uncooked vegetables, served with a dipping sauce. On... More

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