'International Serious Eats Day' on Serious Eats

Reminder: Serious Eats Meet-Up Day, This Saturday 2/25

Boys and girls, listen up. International Serious Eats Meet-Up Day is just around the corner! This Saturday. What exactly happens on this day? Serious eaters all over the globe meet up to chit and chat, eat, drink, and be merry. You're going, right? See the updated list of all cities and venue information here. More

Photos from International Serious Eats Day

So you may have heard that last Saturday was International Serious Eats Day. A number of SE'rs in different cities met up to share eats, drinks, and good times. In the slideshow here, we've got snapshots from the meet-ups in L.A.; San Diego; Longmont, Colorado; Saint Louis; Toronto; Boston; Chicago; and New York City — putting faces to the (screen) names you may know from Talk and the various SE sites. More

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