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The United States of Pizza: Indiana

The story of Indiana pizza is mostly one of regional influence and corporate greed. Indiana is caught between two equally strong forces, which basically carve the state in two. On the north is the strong pull of Chicago and its thin crust, tavern-style pizza. Pizza comes in squares up there, with a strong preference for sausage. Southern Indiana, on the other hand, seems to show a lot of influence from the hands of Papa John's, which originated in the southern town of Jeffersonville, only to multiply into the third biggest chain in the country. More

Standing Room Only: The Tamale Place

The Tamale Place makes some of the best Mexican food I've had in Indianapolis, and they do it for cheap. While most Mexican places in Indy claim their authenticity with over-sized margaritas and burritos as big as your head, this little storefront on the west side does so by focusing intensely on a particular street food that can get overlooked in the Mexican cuisine conversation—the tamale. More

Workingman's Friend in Indianapolis

Hamburger documentarian George Motz turned me on to Workingman's Friend, which will be featured in the updated edition of Motz's book Hamburger America, when I told him I was visiting Indianapolis over the winter break. I was planning to write a review, but Daniel beat me to the punch last week. No worries—he did a great job. Instead, I'll supplement his review with a slideshow of photos from Workingman's Friend. More

Indianapolis: Maria's Pizza Still Going Strong After 50 Years

Last time I went to Indianapolis, I listened to the people of that fine town and visited Bazbeaux, a place routinely cited as serving the city's best pizza but was, for my tastes, decidedly mediocre. As I mentioned in that review, on my next visit to Indy, I was going to follow my heart and hit up Maria's Pizza, which has been putting out Midwestern bar pies for more than 50 years. More

Bazbeaux Pizza: Indy's Best is Just Eauxkay

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in Indianapolis. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Bazbeaux Pizza 334 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis IN 46204 (map); 317-636-7662‎; bazbeaux.com Pizza Style: Thin-crust Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: The undisputed king of Indianapolis pizza serves up pies with good toppings and a tasty cheese mixture that are undermined by a thick flavorless crust Price: 12-inch pies start at $9.25 Since I started writing for Slice, I try to make it a point when visiting a new city to find either the best local pizzeria... More

Visit the Indiana State Fair: Fried Food and Crawling Through a Colon Involved

The Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis is already in session, but you have until Sunday, August 17, to enjoy the best of what it has to offer: deep-fried fair food and a giant, diseased colon. Indulge in the fair's wide array of deep fried foods, foods on sticks, and deep fried foods on sticks. How about the 2008 Indiana State Fair signature food contest winner, deep-fried bananas foster cheesecake on a stick? Count me in. Indystar.com describes other offerings, from typical corn dogs to not-so-typical chocolate-covered chicken stick. After getting your fill of fair food, visit "Coco" the Colossal Colon, a 40-foot long, four-foot tall model of a human colon "designed to educate about colorectal cancer and other diseases... More

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