'Indiana Jones' on Serious Eats

Indiana Jones Crisp-Mint M&Ms: Meh

Photographs taken by Gordon Mark. Oh, I think they'd melt in this guy's hands. Earlier today, I was all about the Indiana Jones coconut-blasted limited-edition Adventure Snickers bar. In the comments of that post, Squiggle hipped us to the Indy-themed mint-crisp limited-edition M&Ms. That first prompted cries of "What does mint have to do with Indiana Jones?" Beats me; is there mint in the rain forest? Then it prompted us to race out and get some. We grabbed a bag of the mint-crisp M&Ms and one of the Indy-themed peanut M&Ms. All I have to say is, I wouldn't fight the Nazi dude from Raiders for either of these so-called treasures. The crisp-mint M&Ms look sorta cool—with the different... More

Indiana Jones Eats Chocolate Cereal Before Raiding Temples

Because looking at Harrison Ford usually makes me want to eat marshmallow bits and cereal that turns milk chocolatey, I'm more than happy to welcome the latest in cinematic marketing on the breakfast aisle: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cereal, or repackaged Cocoa Puffs with marshmallow blobs. Of the four amorphous shapes, the Temple of Akator resembles "a Doritos chip," and the Torch, "a Doritos chip that’s fallen into a violent battle with bean dip," according to brianorndorf. The movie will be released on May 22, but this is available on grocery shelves now. Previously In Videos: Food Commercials of the '80s, Nerd Cereals Edition Bringing Breakfast to the Streets: Kellogg's Cereal Streetwear The Next... More

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