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Inauguration Tidbits on Twitter

Adam Kuban Post a comment

If you care about such things, we are watching CNN and tweetblogging inaugural food- and dining-related items today. Mostly insignificant stuff that doesn't really merit a full-on blog post on the main page here.... More

Where to Eat (and Drink) in Washington, D.C. During Inauguration Week

Adam Kuban Post a comment

So you're in D.C. for the inauguration, huh? Lucky you. But where to eat and drink now that all the swearin' ins are over and out? Here are some serious eats (and drinks) in the nation's capital. More

Tom Colicchio: He Cooks, He Hosts, He Saves Lives

Ed Levine 4 comments

According to the Internet Food Association, Top Chef co-host Tom Colicchio was cooking at best-selling cookbook author (Jewish Cooking in America) Joan Nathan's house at one of the Art, Food, Hope dinners Alice Waters and Ayelet Waldman --> put together to benefit D.C. Central Kitchen and Martha's Table, when Nathan started to choke on a piece of food. Colicchio sprang into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Nathan. She was impressed: "He's strong." He's a triple threat, that Tom. He cooks (at least every other Tuesday these days), he hosts, and he saves lives. Plus, he even blogs these days. Our hero, and Joan's too, obviously. Related Meet & Eat: Tom Colicchio Who's Hotter: Young Colicchio or Young Bourdain?... More

The Baracktail

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 17 comments

Some things in life are worth celebrating. And it is only proper to toast new beginnings: champagne on the New Year, and the Baracktail on tomorrow's inauguration. As I was creating this, I wanted it to be redolent of Barack... More

All About the Inauguration Luncheon

Erin Zimmer 11 comments

The 2009 Inaugural Luncheon china. Image from inaugural.senate.gov/luncheon After Barack Obama takes the presidential oath of office tomorrow, he will be escorted to Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol for a three-course luncheon: seafood stew followed by pheasant and duck (with sour cherry chutney and molasses sweet potatoes) and apple cinnamon sponge cake for dessert, each paired with a wine. To eat in solidarity with the new administration, download these recipes. You'll also need a copy of "View of the Yosemite Valley" painting by Thomas Hill hanging—which represents the majestic dawn of a new era—as well as Hot Lady roses and blue and purple hydrangea arrangements. Check out menus, recipes, and even video footage of past inaugural luncheons.... More

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