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Five Flavored Green Teas You Can Bring Home to Mom

Drinks Liz Clayton Post a comment

Though the vast spectrum of green teas can range in flavors from delicately floral to beguilingly vegetal, from fruity to earthy and back again, that hasn't kept tea blenders from the temptation to enhance. Flavored tea—from the traditional to the outrĂ©—is a concept somehow less brow-furrowing than, say, flavored creamer: at its most successful an organic process of blending harmonious botanicals towards the end product of a sum greater than (or more novel than) its parts. More

Sugar Rush: Genmaicha Cookies and Hojicha Bread from In Pursuit of Tea

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

There are not many places in the city that offer tea-flavored cookies and cakes. But for now, put In Pursuit of Tea at the top of my list. More

Sugar Rush: Matcha Cakes and Tea by In Pursuit of Tea

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

In the space that held Matcha Box pop-up this past summer now stands the recently opened In Pursuit of Tea. More

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