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Video: In-N-Out Threatening to Sue Copycat Restaurant Burger Express in Boise

Does the logo for Burger Express in Boise, Idaho, look a bit familiar? Red, bold, sans-serif type surrounded by a pointy, yellow shape? The video from KTVB shows a few more similarities in menu and restaurant design, and In-N-Out isn't happy about it, saying they'll file a lawsuit if Burger Express's manager Larry Squillace doesn't make changes to his restaurant's look—estimated to cost over $35,000—by August 5. Squillace acknowledges the similarities, but isn't budging; "I don't feel I did anything wrong," he told KTVB. He had stronger words in his interview with Idaho Statesman: "This goliath company just wants to pop our bubble and take all our dreams and smash 'em." More

Boise, Idaho: French Fry Options Galore at the Boise Fry Company

Like the entire state of Idaho, Boise too often flies so far below the radar that it's practically skimming the ground. But a great fast food-style burger and a sampling of six different varieties of fries at the Boise Fry Company made me realize I haven't been giving the Gem State a fair shake. BFC advertises their fries first and foremost, as evidenced by their motto: "Burgers on the side." More

The United States of Pizza: Idaho

At SE pizza blog Slice, we're eager to find the best pizza in every nook of these United States. This week, we've got recommendations for slices and pies in Idaho. Since Idaho's nickname is the Gem State, we weren't surprised to find quite a few possible pizza gems. More

Serious Cheese: Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest

The day before I flew home from Seattle, I received an email from Tami Parr, author of the always-informative Pacific Northwest Cheese Project blog. She proudly announced the release of her first book, Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest. Oh, man, did I wish I'd had this book before going to Seattle. Largely a guidebook to the small-scale cheese producers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, the book is similar to Jeffrey Roberts' Atlas of American Cheese. It would be perfect for the intrepid agrotourist with a strong interest in cheese. For each producer profiled, Parr gives a brief one or two page summary, along with contact information, visitor information (if appropriate), and of course information about the cheeses... More

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