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4 Tasty Grab-and-Go Iced Coffees

Liz Clayton 7 comments

Cold brew methods for bottled coffee are getting more innovative—and delicious. Here are a few of the season's best new contenders. More

What's the Best Way to Brew Iced Coffee?

Daniel Gritzer 38 comments

When it comes to opinions on iced-coffee brewing methods, passions can run high. A panel of Serious Eats tasters heads to Counter Culture Coffee for a blind tasting, putting the most popular method to the test. Based on our experience, the answer is clear. More

We Try Hood's Latte Iced Coffee Lineup

Drinks Nick Guy 3 comments

If you live in New England, you might be familiar with the milk and eggnog from Hood. They recently a line of ready to serve Latte Iced Coffee Drinks, and we were pretty impressed. More

What Else Can You Make with Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate?

Drinks Meister 4 comments

As summer winds down, we all go into frantic "don't take my iced coffee away yet" mode. Make the most out of these fleeting opportunities by mixing up some special cold-brew bevies. More

We Try 5 Sweet, Fizzy, Icy, and Creamy Coffee Drinks in NYC

Drinks Liz Clayton 3 comments

As the mercury's climbed in New York, cold, fizzy, and sweet-treat summer coffee drinks have spiked as well. We hunted down five local takes on sweet refreshment. More

Iced Coffee Troubleshooting: Maybe Your Ice is the Problem

Drinks Meister 11 comments

Ever pour yourself a nice, frosty glass of iced coffee only to discover it tastes a little...off? It might not be you, and it might not be the coffee—it might, in fact, be the ice itself. More

We Try the New Valencia Orange Refresher and Orange Spice Iced Coffee at Starbucks

Drinks Lauren McInnes 9 comments

We try the new Valencia Orange-flavored energy drink from Starbucks, plus their new Orange Spice Iced Coffee. More

We Try Califia Farms' New Almond Milk Iced Coffees

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

Califia Farms' AlmondMilk (which is made from whole blanched (not roasted) California almonds) is available in number of the flavors you might expect (original, unsweetened, vanilla, and coconut) but they recently launched a ready-to-drink iced coffee option for vegan, non-soy drinkers—and for those of us who just like the taste of almond milk. While we generally shy away from premixed, ready-to-drink anything, having prepared iced coffee ready to go in the fridge is a convenience we're interested in. Because we're never more lazy than before we've had coffee, and we've always forgotten to make cold brew the night before. More

What's Your Iced Coffee Method?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 33 comments

As long as the sun is out (even if the wind is brisk), I'm game for a cool afternoon caffeine kick. But these days there's an entire menu of possible iced coffee brewing methods...even if you're just making yourself an iced coffee at home. Here's a rundown of a few different options. More

Coffee Drinks: Australian Iced Coffee

Drinks Meister 6 comments

It's nearing the time of year when every answer on isiticedcoffeeweather.com is "No," but that's just in the Northern Hemisphere: It's coming on summertime Down Under, where they're known to sip on their own delicious spin on iced coffee. More

Coffee Drinks: Yuangyang, Hong Kong Coffee-Tea

Drinks Meister 11 comments

A marriage of coffee and tea (with a fair amount of milk for good measure), this East-West bev pretty concisely captures the ever-expanding hold that coffee culture has on pockets of China, Japan, Korea, and the surrounding areas. Named for a species of duck where a colorful male and blandish beige female, yuangyang is a mixture of light milk tea—strong-brewed black tea cut with copious amounts of cold milk—and thick, black iced coffee—kind of the Hong Kong version of an Arnold Palmer. More

Please Stop Ordering Iced Cappuccinos

Drinks Meister 41 comments

Far be it from me to rain on your coffee parade—especially this time of year, when all you want is a tall, frosty, sweet glass of caffeinated delicious—but it's time for a gentle intervention, friends: Please stop ordering iced cappuccinos. More

We Try the New Chocolate Chip Frappé at McDonald's

Drinks Gracie Dulik 1 comment

Here at Serious Eats HQ, we took a taste of the new McCafé Chocolate Chip Frappé currently being offered for a limited time by those unavoidable golden arches. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Kahlúa Iced Coffee

Drinks Will Gordon 13 comments

I hate wasting food and drink. If I live long enough to be inducted into the Assistant Little League Coaches' Hall of Fame, I will owe it all to my juicer, which I bought solely to avoid throwing out neglected vegetables. Every Sunday morning I buy every green thing at the farmer's market, and every Saturday I turn it into juice that surely counteracts the week I spent chugging Trader Joe's frozen burritos. More

We Try New International Delight Iced Coffee

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 9 comments

If you order your iced coffee light and sweet, and you're a little on the lazy side, you should know about the new cartons of 'sweet and creamy' coffee from International Delight. More

How Do You Like Your Iced Coffee?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 32 comments

Tell us: do you lean toward light roast or dark for iced coffee? Got a favorite method for brewing it? More

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

Drinks Liz Clayton 27 comments

You can predict it each year: as the mercury climbs, legions abandon their thermally insulated mugs and scramble for cold coffee. Whether you're an old hand at cold brew, or new to the slow, all-night magic of preparing cool coffee for hot days, it's time to get out the strainer and get your chill on. Here's our step by step guide. Don't worry: the hardest ingredient to come by is time. More

How To Make Japanese-Style Iced Coffee

Drinks Meister 23 comments

Now, I know you people love your cold-brewed iced coffee: Everyone is always talking about it. But I'll argue that iced coffee brewed in the Japanese style is not only easier and tidier than its long, slow, cold-brewed counterpart, it's also significantly more dynamic flavor-wise. And there's a good reason for that fact: Certain of the brighter, more nuanced aromatic compounds and solubles in coffee simply won't dissolve in cold water. More

Some Like it Cold (Brewed): 5 Cool Coffee Methods

Drinks Liz Clayton 18 comments

The playing field of cool brewed coffee has widened considerably since the days when espresso over ice was the only option. From industrial plastic tubs to mesmerizing chemistry-set corkscrew drippers, cold brew is in full summer effect. Whether you're toting a cup of melting ice cubes to the park, or bringing home a handsome bottle to nurse all week long, you want your coffee cold? Baby, you've got options. More

Scooped: Iced Coffee and Almond Sherbet

Sweets Max Falkowitz 3 comments

Tea is my default winter sip, but once it gets oh my god it's too hot to sweat hot, I switch over to iced coffee. It's as refreshing as a cold shower, full-bodied without any sugar, and satisfying enough to keep me going. The only thing that could make it better is a spin in an ice cream maker, with a splash of milk and sugar, which makes for a crisp, clean sherbet. More

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