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Girl Slice Dreams a Dream About Motorino's Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Pizza

The brussels sprout and pancetta pizza at Motorino. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] I have to reveal something shocking about Girl Slice, the woman I am about to share the rest of my life with: She's not a big pizza-eater. In fact, she pulled a bit of a bait-and-switch on me when we first met. Before we started dating, she told me some story about how she loved the pizza at Joe & Joe in Kensington so much that she ate a whole pie of it one day and then a whole Patsy's pizza the next day. I was like, Whoa.... More

'Chopped' Season Premiere Rechat

"I want to care more about these people, can't someone say something funny or bitchy or edgy?" —Ed Levine "Animal Crackers in My Soup." Trust me, all will become clear if you keep reading. Three of the Serious Eats gang sat down to watch the premiere of the new chef competition show Chopped. We chatted via IM about it as the episode unfolded. Adam: So from what I understand, it's four competitors each show, three courses, one chef eliminated with each course? So no recurring stable of contestants to whittle down over the season Ed: Yes, it's all about cooking, but I miss the artificially induced drama. Ted Allen is rather bland. It has some elements of Iron Chef and... More

IMtel: Motorino and Rosa's

IM + intel = "IMtel." Here's a bit of received wisdom. [screennameredacted]: got a bit of slice intel for you: a) wouldn't worry yet about the slice curse on motorino; went there last night with 3 friends and all four of our pies were easily 9/10s. maybe a little too much charring on one of them but otherwise terrific. also, i think i recall you once saying the SE offices were near FIT; the margherita slice at rosa's on 27th and 7th is truly a hidden gem, well worth trying it out. trust me on this one. everything else there... More

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