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Hydrox vs. Oreo vs. Newman O's vs. Joe Joe's

Photograph from Not Martha Now that Hydrox cookies are back on the shelves, the debate over how they stack up against their competitors has begun. Megan Reardon and Scott Andrew of Not Martha recently put them to a taste test against Oreos and Newman O's. For Overall I liked Oreos while Scott preferred the less sweet Hydrox. I preferred the extra crunch that the Oreos had and found that the flavors were the most balanced. The Newman O's had the crunchiest cookie and I found it had the most pronounced cocoa flavor, but I thought the cookies tasted slightly off, something which came through most when we compared the creme fillings. I haven't tried the Newman O's, though I am... More

Are You America's Biggest Hydrox Fan?

Do you wax nostalgic over the Hydrox cookie, the original créme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie predecessor to the Oreo? Starting today, Kellogg's is holding a contest to find America's biggest Hydrox fans, the grand prize being a six-month supply of Hydrox cookies and a trip for two to New York City where the winner will attend the 100th anniversary celebration and taste the new cookies that will be available for a limited time in August. Related Hydrox Cookies Are Back, Temporarily, But Recipe May Be Changed Top 10 Awesome Nostalgic Foods We Want Back... More

Hydrox Cookies Are Back, Temporarily, But Recipe May Be Changed

Dunk 'em while you can, folks. Hydrox are back—but for a limited time only. Hydrox, the cookies that the Kellogg company drowned as a brand in 2003, will be hitting shelves once more, the Wall Street Journal reports, as the company bows "to more than 1,300 phone inquiries, an online petition with more than 1,000 signatures, and Internet chat sites lamenting the demise of the snack." But don't get too happy, Hydrox hounds. First, the comeback may only be temporary. "Kellogg's move is more about marketing and showing its responsiveness to consumers," the Journal says, "than about a permanent product reintroduction: The cookie will be sold nationally starting in August, but only for a limited time." (If reception is... More

Oreos or Hydrox? Which is the superior cookie?

I've never been an Oreo freak. In fact, I like Hydrox cookies better. What about you, Oreos or Hydrox? I find the filling of both too sweet and grainy, though I do like the bittersweet taste of the chocolate cookies. But the Bouchon Bakery makes an amazing homemade oreo-style cookie called a (litigation-proof) TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo). The chocolate wafers are wonderful cookies in their own right. They're obviously made of excellent quality dark chocolate (Vahlrona) and plenty of butter. The filling is a revelation. According to noted cookies and 'cream maven Charlotte Druckman, the filling is made of white chocolate ganache. Keller himself confirmed that for me. This just in. What may be even better than the TKO is... More

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