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Today Is World Food Day

World Food Day, observed every October 16, is a global event designed to increase awareness about world hunger. Today, more than one billion people suffer each day without enough to eat. To get more involved, check out some of these WFD events.... More

Do Apples Make You Hungrier?

I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but I believe snacking on apples makes me hungrier. Reaching for an apple, I'm usually just peckish. Then I crunch, crunch, crunch and BAM. I finish, but in an altered, ravenous state. Something in that fruit stimulates the hypothalamic receptors, and my stomach starts doing hunger somersaults, growling up a storm. It's annoying, and makes me mad at apples, yet I continue to eat them. Fellow Serious Eater Michele backs me up: "Even when I eat a full meal, then have an apple for dessert, I'm hungry again after. It gives me a gnawing feeling in the belly, like it's empty again." Does this make any sense to anyone else?... More

Can Genetically Modified Crops End World Hunger?

Photograph from mattdente on Flickr Slate Magazine says: Maybe. As much as companies like Monsanto and Syngenta might position themselves as the solution to the global food crisis, Slate claims that they would have to significantly change the way they operate first. The article gives the GM industry some specific suggestions for policy change, such as no longer requiring poor farmers to buy new seeds every year, as well as increasing investment in nutritious, easy-to-grow crops like cassava, sorghum, millet, and chickpeas. Slate also urges GM companies to be more honest about the amount of time, energy, and technological development that will be necessary to achieve the kind of crop yields they're promising. Finally, the article proposes that GM companies... More

Don't Go To McDonalds When You're Hungry

A recent study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada proved that ghrelin, a hunger-inducing hormone in our gut, enhances the image of junk food's yumminess. The stimulant is naturally activated when hungry, causing quarter pounders and greasy pizza to look overwhelmingly tasty and unavoidable, as if we're junkies looking at crack. Coverage of this study at science fiction blog io9 was assigned the following headline: Fast Food Joints Add Hormone to Food That Makes You Want to Eat More. Despite this insinuation of food tampering, the McGill study never said that. Or aimed to prove that.... More

Scary When Hungry

Dooce's Heather Armstrong has a hilarious piece recounting how a recent day out running errands turned bad when her entire family got hungry all at the same time. A strange thing happens when any one of us experiences this drop in blood sugar: we start behaving as if the only logical thing to do is die, as if there is no other appropriate response. I don’t like it when Jon talks to me during this time because his talking only interferes with my dying, and that is totally frustrating. And please, if you are ever in my company when I am that hungry, do not offer me choices. Do not ask me if I would like a hamburger or a... More

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