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Hot Dog of the Week: Charlie's Pool Room

"By not having a Charlie's hot dog, it's like skipping a chapter in this book called life." [Art and photographs: Hawk Krall] Past Weeks' Dogs Beer Marinated Chili DogDepression Dog24-Hour DogThe Philly ComboTijuana Dog Over Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to visit what might be one of the country's most unique hot dog joints. Hidden on backroads in western New Jersey near the Pennsylvania border--closer to the mountains than the ocean--lies Charlie's Pool Room. Located on a residential street, it's easy to miss. In fact, finding this place was like an episode of Lost. The street names didn't match up to my road atlas or Google maps, and the GPS went haywire and told us we were still... More

Langos, Deep Fried Flatbread and Hungary's 'Common Currency of Taste'

One moment, I didn't know anything about Hungarian cuisine; the next moment, all I could think about was lángos (pronounced LAHN-gosh), deep fried Hungarian flatbread commonly rubbed with garlic and topped with sour cream. Food blogger James Boo of The Eaten Path, who recently visited Budapest, describes this savory yeast doughnut as "the common currency of taste," what pizza is to New York City and hot dogs are to Chicago. The lángos in the photo was deep fried in lard and topped with sour cream and sauerkraut. Boo's description says, The resulting behemoth of fats and flavors was admittedly not as delicious as the fresh, everyday Lángos from the roadside stand; nevertheless, it was a behemoth. The edges were crunchier,... More

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