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Chain Reaction: Houston's

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 19 comments

The Hickory Burger has a smidge of barbecue sauce...and a gigantic mound of cheddar. But it's the House-Made Veggie Burger that has inspired legions of fans. More

Burger City Guides: Kenny Bowers' Favorite Burgers in Dallas-Fort Worth

A Hamburger Today Allegra Ben-Amotz 5 comments

Boston native Kenny Bowers has been a fixture of the Dallas food scene for so long—going on 20 years—he's practically a true Texan. The chef's Frisco burger joint has received rave reviews and shows no signs of slowing. Kenny is in Dallas to stay, and after taking his top five tour, you just might be convinced to stick around, too. More

At Its Simplest, Houston's Burger Fails to Excel

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 14 comments

Houston's 378 Park Ave South, New York NY 10010 (at 27th Street; map); 212-689-1090; hillstone.com Cooking Method: Grilled Short Order:Hamburger achieves synergy through sheer volume of ingredients, but what lurks beneath falls behind the competition, especially for the price... More

Houston's Doesn't Suck: What's Your Favorite Slightly Fancy Chain Restaurant?

Ed Levine 47 comments

I was out with a couple of food writer friends a couple of weeks ago at a fancy-pants Italian restaurant when first one and then the other began to rhapsodize about the Houston's in Washington, D.C.'s tony Georgetown neighborhood. "That restaurant is really good," said one. "You're right," the other, a respected restaurant critic, replied. "Houston's is a really good restaurant." "If it's so good," I asked, "why haven't you ever reviewed or even written about it?" My friend hesitated before stammering, "I would have if a new Houston's would open up." A punt of an answer if I ever heard one. I quickly changed the subject. Let's face it. Chain restaurants in big cities like New York, Chicago,... More

Top Ten Fancy-Pants Burgers in New York City

New York Ed Levine 9 comments

-->I don't know why, but lately I find myself eating fancy-pants burgers at every turn. Perhaps I'm coming under the influence of Adam Kuban, who really does order a hamburger in every restaurant that has one on the menu. Whatever... More

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