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Why I Love Hotel Bars

In hotel bars, cocktail trends are moot and bartenders never judge. Your luggage may not have caught up with you yet, but you can stop in in your rumpled clothes for whatever you crave—a secret, comforting Cosmo or a classic gin martini. The hotel bar will serve you either—plus a Bay Breeze for your aunt—without blinking. More

This Hotel Lets You Order Pizza at the Push of a Button

You've just arrived to your hotel after a soul-sucking flight (or train trip, or car ride), and you're starving—it's late, room service isn't an option, and the vending machine down the hall promises nothing more than a sugar crash down the line. You roll over in bed in despair, when your eyes alight on curious salvation: a pizza button. On the phone. A button on the phone for pizza. More

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