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The Search For America's Best Hot Dog: The Midwest

Hawk Krall 22 comments

Next up in our search for America's Best Hot Dog (we've so far told you about the East Coast and down South) is the Midwest, another heavyweight hot dog region where frankfurters were introduced by Austrian immigrants at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. Since then, Chicago has rivaled New York as the hot dog center of the universe, although Detroit isn't far behind. More

The Search For America's Best Hot Dog: Down South

Hawk Krall 34 comments

So far, we've told you about the East Coast contenders. Now it's time to move down South. Before this journey, the South was a bit of a mystery to us in terms of hot dogs. I had a vague notion of slaw dogs being pretty good, but the region is more often than not overlooked in the hot dog media.The reality is that hot dogs are everywhere below the Mason-Dixon line, as much or more so than other areas considered to be the epicenters of hot doggery. Here are our 16 favorites. More

The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: East Coast Contenders

Hawk Krall 76 comments

The 64 contenders for America's Best Dog were organized by region, March Madness style, with 16 hot dog joints for each section of the country (East Coast, West Coast, South, and Midwest). To kick off the competition, we're doing a slideshow for each region. First up is the East Coast. More

The Rachael Ray Hot Dog Bracket: Our Search for the Best Hot Dog in the U.S.

Adam Kuban 50 comments

Every year in March basketball madness sweeps the U.S. as the NCAA championship tournament unfolds.* And once again this year, we at SE helped put together Every Day with Rachael Ray's annual food bracket. Last year it was pizza. This year, the magazine asked us to focus on hot dogs. More

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