'Hoosier Mama Pie' on Serious Eats

Hoosier Mama Pies in Chicago, Worth the Extra Fat Rolls

Banana cream pie from Hoosier Mama Pies. Serious Eats impresario Ed Levine and his epic diet blogging almost ensnared me. You see, I’m not the skinniest cat in the room (and that room includes Garfield). While I’m not yet on the wagon, I read Ed’s missives for inspiration. When I do, they tend to have a mild deterrent effect on my eating prowess. Though, the deterrent effect of those posts is very much like the threat of confession when I was an eight year old Catholic. Once you’ve assuaged your guilt in a short rap session with the priest in that veiled wooden box, you’re ready to bust out and start swearing and stealing candy from the corner store... More

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