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How to Make Chocolate Gravy by Homesick Texan

[Photograph: Lisa Fain] File this under, "Where Have You Been All My Life?": chocolate gravy. Lisa Fain of Homesick Texan just discovered chocolate gravy—a smooth, creamy, pudding-like chocolate sauce—from a friend who grew up eating her grandmother's version. Try out Lisa's recipe and slather it onto some biscuits. Sounds like a good breakfast to me.... More

Blogwatch: Homesick Texan's Homemade Corny Dogs

Lisa Fain, the Homesick Texan, may wax nostalgic for her home state's fair, but she refuses to go without just because she lives in New York. While pining for Fletcher's corny dogs, she develops a recipe of her own: use turkey or tofu dogs, or add jalapeños or chipotles to the corn bread batter. But she makes hers plain and old-fashioned, much like she'd always had at the Texas State Fair: "And that’s the best thing about corny dogs; no matter how old you are they always make you feel like you’re a kid again." Who says fried food on a stick isn't the best thing ever?... More

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