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Market Scene: Summer's in Full Swing at the Hollywood Farmers' Market

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. Today, Leah Greenstein (SpicySaltySweet) drops by from Los Angeles. Heirloom tomatoes. It's baseball season--almost the All-Star break--which in my house means Red Sox games are playing on my TV every night. It also means screening phone calls, not checking text messages, and avoiding sites like Twitter and Facebook, where the multitudes seem to forget we live in the era of the DVR and inadvertently publish game spoilers. The nonstop baseball marathon also means that summer is in full swing, the grill is hot, and the produce at the Hollywood Farmers' Market... More

Market Scene: Boysenberries, Figs, and Pluots the Cure to L.A.'s June Gloom

Ranier cherries. It's normal for a muted, Pacific Northwest–like grayness to blanket Los Angeles in the morning this time of year, but it usually burns off around noon, leaving the remainder of the day a lovely sunny 72 degrees. Over the last two weeks, however, the June gloom just wouldn't lift, creating a contagious case of sun-deprived crankiness that spread among Angelenos like swine flu. Fortunately, hints of blue sky cracked the cloud cover early yesterday morning that, combined with the early summer bounty at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map), was therapeutic. Last month, Brooks cherries kicked off stone-fruit season with their tangy-crisp sweetness. Now the crimson-hued Bing and Ranier cherries (above), with their Fuji-apple-like shadings, dominate the market... More

Market Scene: Spring's Grand Entrance in Hollywood

While the Market Scene is back in season on Serious Eats, we never really went on hiatus here in Southern California. Like traffic on the 405, the farmers' markets here are packed with people and produce year-round. For the past few months we've been munching on hearty Bloomsdale spinach from the South Central Farmers, tangy winter citrus like blood oranges and Murcott tangerines from Burkart Farms and creamy yet refreshing purées from Finley Farms' celery root. Favas (top) and English peas (above) at Tutti Frutti Farms. But whatever we call winter here doesn't really last long. While icy weather has had a firm grip on much of the rest of the country, spring has been pushing through occasional cold... More

Market Scene: Thanksgiving at SoCal Farmers' Markets

The hoards of people stocking up for the Thanksgiving holiday on Sunday made the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map) feel like Lollapalooza with vegetables, which means the upcoming Santa Monica market on Wednesday may end up looking like Burning Man at the beach. The best way to battle the crowds this time of year is to hit the market with a plan and a heavy helping of patience. With that in mind, the Southern California farmers' markets have almost everything you need to have a delicious Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to thank your farmers! Turkeys Dozens of people lined up early this morning to pick up their organic, pastured turkeys from the folks at Healthy Family Farms, who also had an on-farm... More

Market Scene: Fall's Hollywood Cameo

A pomegranate bursting at the seams. In most states, you know it's fall because the leaves change colors, turning golden, crimson and persimmon, until the tops of trees look aflame. Here in Southern California you know it's fall when everything is actually on fire and the Santa Ana winds are blowing hard enough to knock down small children. While our crisp hills smolder and turn brown like burnt cakes from Ventura County to Fontana to the Sepulveda Pass, there's the upside in knowing that fall weather also means ton of marvelous fall produce at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map). Aw, Nuts The new crop of pistachios has finally arrived! The Santa Barbara Pistachio Company, located in Sierra Madre Mountains... More

Market Scene: In L.A. More Tomatoes, Apples, and Dates

It may still feel like summer outside, but fall's long, golden fingers are slowly drawing the shade down on long, lingering days. Here in Southern California you might not even notice the season changing without the Back to School and Labor Day sales. But at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map) the fruits and vegetables tell a different story. Tables of nectarines, peaches and plums are slowly giving way to the cornucopia of fall treats like apples, asian pears, dates and grapes, while melons, green beans and berries try to hold on to summer like a teenager who doesn't want school to start. Heirloom Tomatoes from Givens Farms. The season's final hurrah will come next week, on September 7th, when the... More

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