'Hispanic' on Serious Eats

Hispanic Flavors, Now In Your Grocery Store

Candice Choi of the AP, on how the flavors of South America are becoming mainstream: "A decade ago, chipotle was virtually unknown in the mainstream. Now today, companies like Sargento Foods are launching chipotle-seasoned Cheddar. Three varieties of it. Kraft, whose iconic Oreo cookies already come in dulce de leche (a caramel-like flavor popular in South America), is rolling out Fresa (strawberry). Wrigley's Orbit chewing gum now comes in a "mint mojito" flavor. "Hispanic cuisine has really taken off and become part of Americana," says Chris Groom, spokesman for Plymouth, Wis.-based Sargento."... More

Cuatro Leches Cake

Kitty Crider of the Austin American-Statesman recently interviewed pastry chef Dunia Borga, known in Dallas for her Cuatro Leches cake—a twist on the traditional tres leches (three milks) cake—that "begins with a vanilla sponge cake, coarser than American butter cakes but strong enough to hold up to the sauce of three milks poured over it. Then it is covered with a caramelized Swiss meringue and dotted with the arequipe [dulce de leche, or caramel sauce]." Still not sold? Sarah Phillips of Baking911 sampled Borga's cake at her restaurant La Duni a few years ago and says, "It beats any tres leches cake on the planet, and I have eaten a lot of them! I was interested in the recipe because... More

Hispanic Supermarkets Are On The Rise

Great great story by Kim Severson in the New York Times today on how grocery chains have begun customizing their stores to target the increasingly affluent Latino shopper: Although there is no one typical Hispanic shopper, some generalizations are driving the design of the new Latino-theme stores. Many have wider aisles because, research shows, grocery shopping is often a family outing. Hispanic families tend to be larger, and more people cook from scratch, so produce and meat departments tend to be bigger and better stocked. And loyalty to brands from the home country is strong. At Rancho Liborio, Tide is almost an afterthought. Mexican brands like Ariel dominate the shelves.But the generalizations end there. The term Hispanic applies to people... More

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