'Hillary Clinton' on Serious Eats

Your Pizza, Your Pol

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a story about "microtargeting," the practice of using purchase data to predict who you might vote for. The paper built profiles of Clinton, McCain, and Obama supporters. In the data were the types of pizza you were likely to buy as a back of each candidate. Hillary Clinton: Amy's Whole Wheat frozen pizza [supporter food profile] John McCain: DiGiorno Stuffed Crust pizza [supporter food profile] Barack Obama: Wolfgang Puck All Natural frozen pizza [supporter food profile] I have a weird thing for Tontino's/Jeno's frozen pizzas. Who the hell am I supposed to vote for?... More

Cart Contents May Predict Who You Vote For

Unsure who you're voting for in a Democratic primary or in the upcoming U.S. presidential election in November? Your grocery shopping cart may give you some direction. In a practice called microtargeting, "the idea is that in the brand-driven United States, what we buy and how we spend our free time is a good predictor of our politics." Pollsters believe they can plumb the depths of your pantry and predict who you'd pull the lever for. The New York Times takes a look at the technique in its main story in the food section today and then comes up with a food profile for McCain, Clinton, and Obama supporters. Do you fit neatly into one of the profiles? Or is... More

The Political Observations of a Rapping Pizza Slice

This is a couple months old, but I didn't see it until yesterday. And I'm sure you'll see how it's relevant today. A rapping pizza slice on the dynastic nature of the Bush-Clinton-Bush years. Previously: Slice's Primary Candidate Endorsements Link: Hillary Clinton OH, TX Rapping Pizza - Bush Clinton Dynasty [YouTube]... More

Slice's Endorsements for Presidential Nominees

I try to keep things at Slice apolitical. After all, even the slimiest of Republicans and the skeeviest of Democrats enjoys good pizza. But this is an important election, and I figure all you homeslices reading the site could use some guidance as to whom the best pizza candidate might be among the front-runners in each party's nomination race.... More

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