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Mixed Review: Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Cookie Mix

Like Leandra Palermo, Serious Eats' resident cereal obsessive, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme is one of my favorite chocolate bars. When I saw a box of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream Cookie Mix ($2.99), it was as if the supermarket's harsh fluorescents transformed to a soft white light, and the muzak pumped over the sound-system momentarily changed to a chorus of sweetly singing angels. Clearly, I had to try it. More

The Deal With Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar

Let's start with what I don't know, which is practically anything about the history of this bar (the internet is not forthcoming). Here's what I do know: a Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar was available for purchase at my local Walgreen's in San Francisco, sitting right next to a pile of regular Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars. So here's what I did do: a comparative taste test. More

Homemade 'Hershey's Syrup'

To be perfectly honest, I enjoy this syrup best with only 5 ounces of brown sugar. The lower sugar version makes a deep, rich, sophisticated chocolate syrup. But not "Hershey's Syrup." The absolute hallmark of Hershey's is its sweetness, so to stay true to your childhood memories, stick with 9 ounces. More

Taste Test: Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk chocolate often gets dismissed as the immature younger sibling of dark chocolate, but we are not ashamed of loving it. When good, milk chocolate melts on the tongue like butter. Of the ten brands we tried in a blind tasting, see which were the most butter-melty, which had weird notes of beef jerky, and which belong only on s'mores. More

Valentine's: Chocolate and Raspberry Kisses

I love to be kissed. By Hershey's. My boyfriend lives in England, so I have to take 'em where I can get 'em. Whether absence makes the heart grow fonder, I can't say. But I can swear that chocolate is an excellent distraction. --> I've blogged about Candy Corn Kisses at Halloween. Candy Cane Kisses at Christmas. Now, I've fallen in love all over again. I have two new Valentines, and they're sweet as candy.... More

Hershey's to Close Scharffen Berger Plant in Berkeley; Robert Steinberg Spinning in Grave

Photograph from orphanjones on Flickr The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Hershey's will shut down the Scharffen Berger plant it acquired when it bought the brand from Scharffen Berger founders John Scharffenberger and the late Robert Steinberg in 2005. Serious eaters know how I feel about Steinberg, who died last year, and there can be no doubt how Robert would have felt about this. I remember having lunch with him right after the sale had gone through, and he articulated his many concerns about the plans Hershey's had for his beloved chocolate company. Scharffen Berger's longtime publicist Deborah Kwan weighed in on this topic in the Chronicle story: "It was home grown. They really changed the way people regarded... More

In Love with Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses

'Tis the season of peace and love, and the best way to spread love is with a kiss. Due to all those winter germs teeming in the air, maybe the best way to kiss is through Hershey's. In fact, if Mr. Hershey were still alive, he would be the first one I'd shove under the mistletoe. Why? Because he invented the Candy Cane Kiss, my new love. After we reviewed the Pumpkin Spice Kiss around Halloween, even I, a pumpkin devotee, found the "white chocolate" kiss a touch cloying. I could see myself getting over Pumpkin Spice pretty quickly. Since Candy Cane Kiss is also "white chocolate," I had my doubts. But he proved himself; The peppermint cuts the... More

Pimp That Hershey's Kiss

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Hershey's Kisses this past Saturday, Hershey's unveiled a giant 12-foot tall Kiss weighing in at more than 30,000 pounds, making it the world's largest piece of chocolate. Pimping the kiss was no easy task; it took nine days and 152 people to assemble chocolate slabs joined by buckets of melted chocolate into a Kiss shape. View the construction process at the Hershey's website. My thought while watching it was, "How do I get that job?"... More

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