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Reversible Hello Kitty Plush Transforms Into a Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 10 comments

File this under "best example of plush engineering I've seen in burger form." New from Sanrio is this reversible Hello Kitty burger plush ($28). One side is Hello Kitty holding a burger, but turn it inside out and it becomes a burger with Hello Kitty's face on the bun. More

Review: The Hello Kitty Wine, Brut Rose

Kara Newman 20 comments

They might as well rename it "Hello, Creepy," because that's exactly how you'll feel purchasing Hello Kitty wine, from the moment you ask the sales clerk where to find it, right through to the cash register ring-up, where they will encircle the neck of your bottle with a pendant suitable for a six-year-old. Nothing makes you feel like a pedophile faster than buying a bottle of Hello Kitty Wine. More

Hello Kitty 3-D Cookie Cutter

Robyn Lee 8 comments

Maybe I'm not caught up on my cookie-cutter technology. I just hadn't seen a three-part, 3-D cookie cutter before. Japan = SO TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED. $6.20, from Jbox.com... More

Hello Kitty Zombie Birthday Cake

Robyn Lee 9 comments

This epic Hello Kitty Zombie birthday cake made by Debbie Does Cakes is appropriate for the Hello Kitty hater who wants to see Hello Kitty dead, or the Hello Kitty lover who adores Hello Kitty even when she is sickly green and covered in maggots. More information behind this cake at Hello Kitty Hell. [via Neatorama] Related Photo of the Day: Rainbow with Pot of Gold Cake Geek Cakes Divorce Cakes... More

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