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An Eating Road Trip around Hawaii, the Big Island

Next time you're on Hawaii, the big island, rent a car and grab your buddy. This tour will take you from Kona's sunny coast down to the southernmost point in all 50 states (and the bakery situated there), around to the rainy side of the island (for comfort food, natch) and the city of Hilo, and up over the high hill-town of Waimea, before landing back down on the Kohala coast for some shave ice and beer. More

14 Foods That Will Make You Wish You Lived on Oahu

If you live north of about Arizona, the weather this time of year is probably already tempting you to move to Hawaii. And, well, so is the food. Oahu is the mullet of dining destinations: buttoned-up and business-like in the city-centric south end and party in the north end, where the surfer culture supports a sea of shrimp trucks. And don't forget Spam musubi. And just Spam everything. More

Hawaii: Kona Brewing Company

A vacation on the island of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island) presents something of a paradox for food lovers. If you have access to a kitchen or can afford resort dining it's a dream, but good low-end, hole-in-the-wall places are few and far between. And that goes for pizza, especially. With some help from Albert Grande of Pizzatherapy.com, I found Slice-worthy pies at Kona Brewing Co. More

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