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Blogwatch: Potato Gnocchi

My one time making potato gnocchi wasn't a complete disaster, nor was it a rousing success. Honestly, they just tasted like firmer mashed potatoes and didn't look quite right. I blame my lack of ricer and Italian grandmother. Marcia, of Happy in the Kitchen, puts me to shame with her sautéed potato gnocchi. Sautéed in butter (of course) and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, they are beautifully crisp and everything my gnocchi were not. "Little pillows with a tiny little crunch—pure heaven!"... More

Cook the Book: 'Happy in the Kitchen' Giveaway

This week's featured volume for our ongoing Cook the Book series is Michel Richard's Happy in the Kitchen. (The first recipe will appear on-site shortly.) Richard recently won a 2007 James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef for his work at Michel Richard Citronelle in Washington, D.C. Happy in the Kitchen itself was nominated for Cookbook of the Year. We have five copies to give away this week. We'll choose five winners at random from among the commenters on this entry. Just tell us what makes you most happy in your kitchen, whether it's a favorite tool, aroma, recipe, or simply chatting over coffee with friends and family. Serious Eats's contest policy »... More

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