'Happy Meals' on Serious Eats

San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

It wasn't so long ago that the federal government was discussing regulating the nutritional value of foods advertised to children. While that legislation slipped through the cracks, some cities have decided to take matters into their own hands. Yesterday, supervisor Eric Mar of San Francisco introduced legislation that proposes banning toys from Happy Meals and other restaurant food unless the food meets certain nutritional guidelines. More

McDonald's May Be Sued by Nutrition Watchdog Over Happy Meal Toys

Though it's been quite a while since my last Happy Meal, McDonald's still uses this promotional mechanism to advertise new movies, TV shows, or brands to millions of eager young eyes across the country. But the Center for Science in the Public Interest is not buying it. In light of heightened and serious concerns about national childhood obesity levels, the CSPI has said that they will sue the mega-corporation if it does not stop using toys as a marketing tool targeting young consumers. More

Happy Meal Toys Not Making Rock Band Devo Happy

"I make little kids happy and big kids mad." -New Wave Nigel The iconic "energy dome" made famous by New Wave band Devo in its "Whip It" music video and various stage performances is a look you want to steal so badly, but take lessons from McDonald's—don't. As part of an American Idol–themed line of Happy Meal toys, McDonald's introduced New Wave Nigel. He may look so 1980s mod in his orange jumpsuit, fuchsia shades, and energy dome, but this Devo-ian imitation is not flattering the band, which is now suing the the chain. "Plus, we don't like McDonald's," bassist Gerald Casale told Australian Associated Press. Casale designed the upside-down flower-pot hat, which is both copyrighted and trademarked. Watch... More

No Happy Meal for You

McDonald’s stops sponsoring Happy Meals as rewards for students with good grades and attendance records in elementary schools in Seminole County, Fla.... More

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