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10 Great Bites In (and Around) East Hampton

Like any town where people use the word "summer" as a verb, East Hampton has tons of restaurants that don't nearly justify their prices—places where you can brunch on unexciting $18 omelets, or $30 plates of could-be-better fried seafood. But there are good eats to be found as well. I spent last weekend driving around East Hampton (and surrounding areas) looking for good eats; here are the best bites I stumbled across. More

Dear Ina, We Are Happy to House-Sit

Photos from House Beautiful Ina Garten has the reverse schedule of the average Manhattan apartment owner with a Hamptons summer estate—she spends most of her year "summering" on Long Island, while occasionally visiting the downtown duplex. On the Barefoot Contessa, we're so used to watching her shoe-less, strolling along the sand, but hardly get to see her urbanite side. House Beautiful magazine interviewed Garten and toured her 1920s one-bedroom apartment. Inside, the ceilings are high, the kitchen is "tiny," and the Belgian couches have just the right amount of cushiness. "I'm short, so if a sofa is too deep I feel like a little girl with my feet sticking out. These are comfortable, but not too cushy," explained Garten. [Via... More

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