'Halal' on Serious Eats

An Inside Look at a Halal Slaughterhouse

We've looked at animal slaughter a couple times before. But recently I had an opportunity to see a side of the process which, to me at least, was totally new: the ritualized practice of halal slaughter and butchering. Halal is a whole system of eating, a set of beliefs and practices in Islamic faith that governs what and how a Muslim can eat. WARNING: This post contains some graphic images of animals being slaughtered and butchered. Click with caution. More

Serious Eats' Halal Cart-Style Chicken and Rice with White SauceĀ 

Manhattan is home to many smells, but perhaps the most delicious is the chicken-y, savory scent that emanates from from the city's countless halal carts. Serving lunch to late-night, these carts dish up a container full of chicken rice that tastes like nothing else, crave-worthy and totally singular. To taste this particular chicken and rice you can get yourself to Midtown or try the home version, Kenji's Halal Cart-Style Chicken and Rice with White Sauce, a spot on rendition of the street food classic. More

Chicken Fingers And Tacos Can Be Halal Too

Omar Sacirbey in the Boston Globe, on how the growing number of halal providers and restaurants is giving devout Muslims better dining options: Chicken tandoori, shami kebab, and lamb korma are among the exotic dishes offered at Grain and Salt, a new South Asian eatery in Allston. But Salim Nguyen, an observant Muslim from Wayland who eats only halal, the Islamic equivalent of kosher, is drawn to Grain and Salt's American fare."I can get Indo-Pakistani food at home," says Nguyen, 36, who grew up in Natick on the Indian cooking of his mother. Today he enjoys the Pakistani cuisine his wife prepares. But he's seldom been able to indulge in the foods his non-Muslim friends ate, like burgers, burritos, and... More

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