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Vietnamese Surf and Turf at Chicago's Hai Yen

January in Chicago means there are at least four months until prime grilling season. Maybe even five, as Chicago generally goes from face-numbing frigid winter straight to swampy summer in May, with nary a nod—except for a couple of drizzly, windy days—to spring. But right now my second floor window box is covered in a couple inches of prime snow dust, my windows are fogged by a roiling swirl of flakes, and my street, thanks to our cheap mayor Richard Daley, is an unplowed mess. Breaking out the grill is about the last thing I’d do. Still, the palate knows no season, and it’s always prime time for smoky treats. There’s no lack of spots to secure such goodies... More

Group Discount at Hai Yen in Chicago

Team up your eating powers for a discount: if 11 people—perfect strangers are fine—join the Hai Yen Group Discount group at thepoint.com, they'll all get 25% off their final bill for lunch on August 13. Pretty cool concept. [via Gapers Block]... More

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