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Big Bud's Beer Can Chicken 

Big Bud's Beer Can Chicken is Fieri's version of beer can chicken, named for his preferred brew for this recipe, all-American Budweiser. The bird is rubbed with a spiced (but not very spicy) blend of oregano, ginger, onion and garlic powder, paprika, and sage, and then set atop a can of Bud popped with a few cloves of garlic. The chicken is placed vertically in the pan and draped with slices of bacon. Since the cooking happens upright, the grease from the bacon drips down the chicken during the cooking, basting it with all of its salty smokiness. More

Bring It On Beef Brisket

Fieri's brisket is seared and slowly braised with his homemade chili sauce that ends up being more like a tart, cooked salsa than that sweet jarred stuff. A pile of leeks, carrots, celery, and onion is placed over the brisket and cooked down to nearly melting. Once the brisket is pull-apart tender the sauce is skimmed and blended with the melted veggies, making a fresh, tangy, tomatoey gravy for a brisket so juicy it could easily be served on its own. In other words, bring it on! More

Cook the Book: Chicken Lettuce Cups

I was determined to include at least one recipe from Guy Fieri Food that could be construed as vaguely healthy (not that the word "healthy" is in Fieri's vernacular). Our healthy Guy Fieri-approved recipe this week comes in the form of these Chicken Lettuce Cups. Full of diced veggies and Asian-inspired ingredients, these lettuce cups are a big crowdpleaser with caramel-y bites of chicken and crushed, fried wonton skins wrapped up in a crisp leaf of iceberg. More

Cook the Book: 'Guy Fieri Food'

We've been really good here on Cook the Book recently, eating plenty of veggies and offering fresh, great recipes for you all. But this week all of that is about to change. It's time to break out the hair gel, bowling shirts, and sweatbands and get ready for a week's worth of the money-est, bangin'-est recipes from Guy Fieri's newest cookbook. Illustrated with tattoo inspired art and chock full of all the Guy info you could ever need, Guy Fieri Food is filled with some pretty over the top recipes. Enter to win a copy here. More

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