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Bogey's Pizza & Guns, a Combination Pizzeria and Gun Shop

Bogey's Pizza & Guns seems like it might be legit, according to the website Neatorama, which found a website, reports of people visiting, and a phonebook listing. When I called, however, the shop said it was "closed for a couple of weeks," with no definitive date to mark the temporary closing or reopening. I'm still skeptical until I can get verification, but it's fun to think it might be real. And, heck, there have been weirder combos—like this sneaker shop burger joint. Bogey's Pizza & Guns 113 County Road 1604, Clifton TX 76634 254-622-2005; bogeys-gunshop.magix.net/website... More

Condiment Gun

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is now. We teased you with the spice gun back in 2008 and a year later we have the Condiment Gun! It's actually been around for a while, but I'm sad to say this is the first I've heard of it. Methinks I have a lot of ketchup shooting to catch up on. Some words of warning: Apparently this is not designed to fire chunky sauces and is not a toy. There's also no safety so don't go stumbling around with this at your next dinner party. $24.98, from Things You Never Knew Existed; £14.95, from Firebox.com... More

Spice Gun

In the future, there will be no need to reach across the table for your salt and pepper; just ask your dining companions to shoot it right onto your food with the spice gun! [via bb gadgets]... More

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