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Anthony Bourdain on His Upcoming Book, 'Medium Raw'

More Bourdain for you today. The blog Grub Street talked to the man it's calling "the elder statesman of food" about Medium Raw, a Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and and the People Who Cook, his sequel to Kitchen Confidential: I guess I'm less interested in being cruel or malicious just for the sake of a laugh. I mean ... Sandra Lee is pretty low hanging fruit. On the other hand, one of the reasons I've been so unpleasant on the subject of Alice Waters is that I suspect she's right about most things—in principle, anyway. The disconnect between message and messenger seems to be what drives me batty. Hmm, mellowing with age? Maybe not. Bourdain says he... More

MenuPages Blogs Rebrand as Grub Street in Five Cities

New York magazine's Grub Street, heretofore a NYC-based food- and restaurant blog, has expanded to five cities: Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It's less an expansion than a rebranding—New York Magazine Holdings LLC bought MenuPages last year, along with the various city-based blogs that MenuPages published. Grubstreet.com promises to be a homepage for news produced among all those city sites. Refresher course: The Wall Street Journal covered the launch here last week.... More

Quote of the Day: 'Street Pizza Eaters Are Pigs'

"Eating pizza by hand on the street is not only unappetizing; it's also unhygienic, slovenly, and frequently leads to litter. Why romanticize this? Sit down and enjoy your meal in a civilized manner. It's probably better for your digestion even." —MKII, in a comment on Grub Street [Hey, I never said the Quote of the Day couldn't be lame, did I? —The Mgmt.]... More

Keste Introduces the 'Pizza Wallet'

grubstreet.com Grub Street reports that Kesté Pizza & Vino is selling something called a "pizza wallet." As you know, traditional Neapolitan pizza is a sit-down, knife-and-fork affair. The "pizza wallet," or "portfolio" pie, is the Italians' version of the on-the-go slice. Kesté's $6 mini Margherita if folded in half twice, essentially making a conical "wallet" that you eat cornicione-end first. Kesté Pizza & Vino 271 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (b/n Jones and Cornelia streets; map) 212-243-1500; kestepizzeria.com... More

Judah Friedlander Hates St. Louis-style Pizza

Wow. From Grub Street's "New York Diet" series, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander on St. Louis–style pizza: I can tell you what I had the weekend before that I’m still obsessed with. I had a gig in St. Louis. Nice people, St. Louis, but I’ve never seen an entire city fuck up a pizza so bad. I get a ride from the airport to the hotel. We pass by an Imo’s pizza, which is a large chain there, and the guy starts getting a boner for this pizza place. So I go “Hey, how’s this place,” and he goes “awwww, dude,... More

Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn Opening D.C. Pizzeria

By way of Grub Street's New York Diet feature, we learn that former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn plans on opening a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.: After falafel I had a little bit of a siesta, and then dinner at Grimaldi’s. I love my pizza. I’m opening a pizzeria in D.C. in the next three or four months. I just took over the building the other day. I’m researching pizza, so I’m trying to hit up all the spots. They do a great coal-fire pizza. I had pepperoni and green peppers on it and a pitcher of beer. I love... More

Ed Levine's Questionable Pizza Practices: Do You Leave Your Pies Out Overnight? For Two Nights?

How long do you leave your pizza out on the counter? Overnight? Longer? Not at all? Photograph by Robyn Lee As you may have seen already, Grub Street featured Serious Eats head honcho Ed Levine as the subject of its "New York Diet" column, in which a noted celeb or food person recounts his or her week's intake. Zach Brooks gives you links here to many of the places Ed mentions in the interview, but I'm more interested in what this diet snapshot reveals to the rest of the world about Ed's pizza practices. Get a loada this: And... More

Alan Colmes' Food Diary

New York magazine had the liberal commentator kept a journal of what he ate from August 16 to 21. Sure, Colmes may claim to like steak, but on August 18, he admits, "For lunch I had a very small salad at a place near Fox called Evergreen, on 47th Street and Sixth Avenue." No word on whether it was one of those fancy, exotic arugula salads that liberal elitists like Colmes love so much.... More

Di Fara Attacker Gives Blogs a Bad Name

We were speechless reading Gothamist's post about a blogger who attacked Di Fara for being a filthy tourist trap. Luckily Grub Street put our thoughts into words: "Some anonymous writer is going to lecture Dom DeMarco on what constitutes Brooklyn culture? Maybe if the writer had actually bothered to eat the pizza, he would feel differently." We agree entirely. Although we wouldn't have included a link to the blog.... More

Cubist Masterpieces

Grub Street Oft overlooked is the humble ice cube. But when presented just so in a rocks glass, with a pour of good bourbon or a well-balanced cocktail, a carefully crafted hunka frozen H20 can be a work of art,... More

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