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Market Tours: House-Smoked Polish Kielbasa and 2,300 Beers at Eagle Provisions

The sign crowning the awning of Eagle Provisions—whitewashed plywood with hand pained lettering in orange and black—seems like it's been there a long time. And it has: 34 years, an eternity in the gentrifying neighborhood south of Park Slope and north of Sunset Park. People come to Eagle Provisions for two reasons: its house-smoked kielbasa and its staggering selection of beer from around the world. More

Behind the Scenes Burger Tour with Pat LaFrieda, Part 1: The Pan-Cooked Burger at Lot 2

You love Pat LaFreida; we love Pat LaFrieda (and if you don't know Pat, his new show on the Food Network, Meat Men, will make a fine introduction). He supplies stellar meat to some of the best restaurants in New York City and all around the country, and a good percentage of our favorite New York burgers start with his custom blends. So when Pat offered to take us on a burger crawl of the city to learn how some of our favorite burgers get made, the only questions were, "How many?" and, "When do we get started?" More

Brooklyn: Grass-Fed Burger Bliss at Lot 2

Sometimes I pick a place to review based on recommendations from other people. Other times I pick a place because I happen to be walking by a restaurant bearing a chalkboard sign in front that says, "BURGER WEDNESDAY." And by "other times" I mean last Wednesday when I unintentionally passed Lot 2 off the southern edge of Park Slope. I'd heard good things about Lot 2 before, but this was the first time I had ever walked by it—and on Burger Night, no less. It was meant to be. More

Daily Slice: Fresh Mozzarella from Luigi's in Brooklyn

The fact that most of Luigi's pies come out above average, speaks for the dedication of this pizzeria. Still, the fresh mozzarella ($2.75) comes out on top with pocket change to spare. The crust of Luigi's number one is taut, its crunchy, uneven bottom yielding to a porous, chewy upper layer. Tiny bubbles pepper its air-pocketed edge, which shatters with the perfect crunch before giving way to a savory chew. More

Brooklyn: Toby's Public House (a Checkup)

Clockwise from top left: Toby's is usually packed, especially in summer, when this photo was taken. It still weirds me out when a Slice review gets posted at a pizza joint. The pancetta-mushroom–black garlic pie and a Margherita. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Toby's Public House 686 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (at 21st Street; map); 718-788-1186; tobyspublichouse.com Oven Type: Wood-burning Pie Style: Neapolitan/New York–Neapolitan The Skinny: A relaxing, laid-back pub whose name belies the fact that there are some first-class pizzas coming out of the rustic wood-burning oven here. My God, man, get the black garlic pie! Previously: Toby's (6/30/2008)... More

A Second Lucali Location? Yes and No

The site of Chris Iacono's future pizzeria.* The News The brother of Lucali's Mark Iacono has plans to open his own pizzeria in South Slope/Greenwood Heights. Chris Iacono has taken the space at 691 Sixth Avenue, Mark Iacono confirms, and hopes to turn the former medical supply shop into a wood-oven pizzeria styled after Mark's renowned place in Carroll Gardens.... More

Dessert Calzone at Toby's Public House

Photograph by Raphael In my Toby's dispatch earlier today, I didn't really go too in-depth with this thing, A.) because it's not pizza pizza, and B.) because it's dessert, but Toby's Public House has an interesting dessert calzone whose innards include ricotta and nutella. You'd think it'd be a bit weird, but it really does work. More on this at Serious Eats New York »... More

Toby's Public House, a Familiar Pizza in New, Laid-Back Surroundings

Toby's Public House 686 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (at 21st Street; map); 718-788-1186; kitchenbarny.com Oven Type: Wood-burning Pie Style: Neapolitan The Skinny: A relaxing, laid-back pub whose name belies the fact that there are some great little Neapolitan-style pizzas coming out of the rustic wood-burning oven here. Small, 12-inch, well-balanced pies are crisp at the edges but do exhibit some tip sag You could be excused for overlooking the great little pies being served at Toby's Public House. The exterior looks more like something I'd imagine you'd see in small-town England, and the name doesn't exactly scream pizza.... More

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