'Green Truck' on Serious Eats

Street Food Profiles: Green Truck in Los Angeles, California

Note: It's time for another edition of Street Food Profiles. This week we scoot to the West Coast. [Photographs: Green Truck] Name: Green Truck Vendor: Bobby Allen Location and hours? Multiple locations around Los Angeles, typically from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Follow @Green_truck on Twitter for updates. The "Mother Trucker" burger: a homemade vegan patty with heirloom tomatoes, sprouts, and mixed greens, topped with "Trucker sauce." What do you sell? Organic, vegan-friendly food, including burgers, chicken burritos, Niman beef hot dogs, line-caught albacore tuna sandwiches, falafel wraps with tzatziki, fries, and fresh melon frescas. How long have you been street fooding? The company formed in 2006 and we've been rolling around Los Angeles since early 2007.... More

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