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Serious Eats Remembers Gray's Papaya

New York The Serious Eats Team 17 comments

We were heartbroken to learn this week that the West 8th Street Gray's Papaya closed thanks to a $20,000 rent hike. The original Upper West Side location remains intact, and owner Nicholas Gray is looking for new Papaya spots, but this closing irreversibly endangers the New York hot dog just that much more. Here are our thoughts and memories about Gray's. More

8 Great Late Night Bites in the West Village

New York Zachary Feldman 4 comments

Known for its aggressive community boards as much as for its bevy of iconic New York dining institutions, Manhattan's West Village caters to palates and pocketbooks of every denomination. While its status as a safe haven for creative and alternative lifestyles is on the wane, the neighborhood remains one of the best areas on the island for the nocturnally hungry to snag a midnight snack. More

12 Tourist Spots in New York That Are Actually Good

New York The Serious Eats Team 32 comments

Any number of guidebooks, newspaper articles, airline magazine roundups, or TV shows can give first-time New York visitors a lengthy eating itinerary. Unfortunately, their recommendations aren't always the best. The good news? Some oft-visited tourist destinations really do have great food. Here are our favorites. More

Gray's Papaya in Greenwich Village Now Serving Dollar Slices

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

There's a reason why the hot dog line remains long while the line for dollar slices at Greenwich Village Gray's Papaya is nonexistant. The slices there, ladies and gents, are not very good. And, no, there are no hot dog–topped slices at Gray's. Although, if you spend an extra buck fifty, you can improvise, as I did — photographic evidence, after the jump. More

What's the Best Hot Dog in New York?

New York Carey Jones 14 comments

All the polls! Today in the Serious Eats New York People's Choice Awards, we have one simple question for you: What's your favorite hot dog in New York? Street cart, Papaya, or cheffy haute dogs, we want to hear your... More

Hot Dog Of The Week: New York City's Papaya Dog

Hawk Krall 5 comments

"If you're like me, you've always wondered what tropical fruit drinks have to do with hot dogs. But the strange combination surprisingly works." Past Weeks' Dogs 24-Hour DogSlaw DogPuka DogThe Philly ComboTijuana DogsTexas WeinersFlo's Hot Dogs New York City just might be the hot dog capital of the world. Ever since Feltman's started selling frankfurters on rolls on Coney Island in 1871, the hot dog has been part of the city's culture. Recently New York has become home to all sorts of variations including Kobe Beef dogs, Colombian hot hogs, and even lard-butter basted hot dogs covered in pork braised beans. It's hard to pin down one style as the classic, quintessential New York City hot dog, but The Papaya... More

Manhattan Mashup: Gray's Papaya + Grandaisy Bakery

New York Erin Zimmer 4 comments

What if you stuffed an average Gray's Papaya dog into Grandaisy Bakery's fluffy pizza bianca? We did it. More

Do Restaurants Get A Political Voice?

New York Carey Jones 41 comments

Should restaurant owners make known their political stances, if they so choose? Or should partisan positions be left at the café door? More

Ed Levine's Updated Guide to the Best Hot Dogs in NYC

New York Ed Levine 4 comments

The 10 Best Hot Dogs in New York City More

Ruth Reichl's Favorite Fast Food

New York Adam Kuban 1 comment

"Well, I’m a huge fan of Gray’s Papaya; it’s one of my really guilty treats. I think you kind of have to be a New Yorker to like the papaya drink, but I even like that. I love the crispness... More

Gray's Papaya and Grandaisy Bakery: Dueling Breakfast Sandwiches on West 72nd

New York Ed Levine 3 comments

From left: Sausage, egg, and cheese on a burger bun, from Gray's Papaya; grilled asparagus, frittata, and asiago cheese on a ciabatta roll, from Grandaisy Bakery. Both next door to each other, near the corner of West 72nd and... More

Is There Such a Thing as a 4 Star Bargain?

New York Ed Levine 5 comments

Here's an interesting question for you. Is there such a thing as a four star bargain? We all know about the terrific informal eating bargains around the city and the entire country for that matter: the Gray's Papaya Special; two... More

My Top 6 Hot Dogs in Manhattan: What's yours?

New York Ed Levine 12 comments

ELE's Jeff asked for my list of the best hot dogs in Manhattan: Photo courtesy of liaoyusheng.com Gray's Papaya: Great natural casing, all-beef dog made by Marathon, Sabrett's parent company. I ask for mine well-done, not that any of the... More

One meal, $210, A Happy Camper?

New York Ed Levine Closed

Can one meal be so good that it's worth $210 before wine, tax and tip? Well I'm going to find out today when I have lunch at Per Se, which I sometimes refer to as the Church of Thomas... More

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