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Cereal Eats: New Grape Nuts Fit and Fruity Pebbles Rockin Xtreme Colors

Now there's a new member of the Grape Nuts family: Grape Nuts Fit. It's described as lightly crunchy nuggets, granola, cranberries, puffed barley, and a touch of natural vanilla flavor. A tempting description. This Grape Nuts Cereal is a completely different animal. It took me a while to get past the fact that there are not any actual Grape Nuts in this medley. At first I felt tricked, but after a couple of handfuls, I was totally sold. More

American Classics: Grape-Nuts Pudding

I come from a long line of New Englanders. Hearty folk who've weathered close to three centuries of blustery Maine winters. They're no fuss and no nonsense. And they like Grape-Nuts...for dessert. If that sounds a bit austere to you, don't feel sorry for them, Grape-Nuts Pudding is wicked simple to make and as comforting as any dessert you might find on your Nana's table, if your Nana was from Down East. More

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