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An A to Z of M. F. K.

A, in M. F. K. Fisher's case, is not for appleā€”it's for dining alone. The full text of her 1949 series An Alphabet for Gourmets is now available online, appropriately enough, on Gourmet.com. W is for wanton.... More

Making Okonomiyaki at Home

Photograph from Spiegel on Flickr Matthew Amster-Burton explores the world of okonomiyaki-making with chef Johnathan Hunt at Boom Noodle in Seattle. Prior to opening Boom, Hunt had never heard of the dish, often described as a Japanese pizza pancake,* but now it's the best-selling appetizer on the menu. Amster-Burton surmised that it must be easy to make if a noob could go for zero to hero with it. In his piece on Gourmet.com, he gives some pointers on doing it yourself. * I hate using that shorthand for okonomiyaki, but everybody does it, eh? As a pizza nut, I'd like to point out that it's NOTHING LIKE PIZZA. That's like calling a Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream a... More

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