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Dinner Tonight: Velvet Chicken

The "velvet" in the title alludes to the chicken's texture after it emerges from the pot. While some poached chicken recipes come out stringy and tough, this one is cooked in a liquid that's barely simmering for 30 minutes. The result is perfectly cooked chicken that's beautifully tender and aromatic thanks to a particularly flavorful cooking liquid. More

Condé Nast Store Sells Old 'Gourmet' Issues

The Condé Nast Store is offering select issues of Gourmet in special "collections." You can get the Grilling Collection, December Cookie Collection, and so on, each of which are $50 for five issues from ranging years. Or splurge on the Final Year Collection (the last 12 issues) for $100.... More

'Gourmet, Unbound,' an Online Celebration of the Magazine

Gourmet, Unbound is an online crowdsourcing project started by a few food bloggers (including our own Serious Beer columnist Maggie Hoffman), where Gourmet mourners can gather and reminisce about favorite recipes. Each month the site's editors post a roundup of recipe submissions. Their mantra: "They can kick us out of their offices. But they can't kick us out of our kitchens."... More

Did the Internet Kill 'Gourmet' Magazine?

Or, 'I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take This Anymore!' [Photograph: Cook's Illustrated] I've listened to all the heartfelt obits for Gourmet I can at this moment. My emotional and intellectual hard-drive is full. The final straw was Cook's Illustrated editor Chris Kimball's piece on the op-ed page of the New York Times this morning. Kimball's not-so-subtle, sledgehammer-like thesis: The ignorant, inexperienced, and untrained internet masses masquerading as journalists killed Gourmet. How do we plead, Mr. Kimball? Not guilty. Not in the least, as a matter of fact, as Hamilton Nolan so aptly noted on Gawker. Kimball in the Times: The shuttering of Gourmet reminds us that in a click-or-die advertising marketplace, one ruled by a million... More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Vintage Cocktails in 'Gourmet' Archives

While the magazine's drinks coverage always seemed to feel more natural when the topic was wine, over the decades the editors occasionally gave spirits and cocktails a serious eye. Perhaps nowhere has this been more evident recently than on the magazine's website, which features drinks plumbed from Gourmet's archives arranged by decade, starting with the first issue in 1941. More

'Advertising Age' Talks to Condé Nast CEO About 'Gourmet' Shutdown

From Advertising Age's Q&A with Charles H. Townsend, president and CEO of Gourmet publisher Condé Nast: Advertising Age: A Condé Nast employee asked me today whether choosing Gourmet over Bon Appétit signals the future of Condé Nast. Do you shut down the title that's beautiful and smart with good writing, the employee asked, and go for the title with recipes and pictures of cheeseburgers? Do you go with mass over the esteemed, narrower title?Mr. Townsend: That's not Condé Nast. I think that Bon Appétit certainly has broader appeal but I would by no means characterize it as a mass magazine. It's still a high-end magazine. You look at its demography, its price points, the advertising it carries, you look at... More

RIP 'Gourmet' Linksplosion

Surely some food-related things happened today that didn't involve the shuttering of Gourmet magazine, but since this was such a big shocker, our news round-up today is dedicated to the media reaction. [CNN Money] [Wall Street Journal] [Chicago Tribune] [Baltimore Sun] [Slate] [Los Angeles Times] [Entertainment Weekly] [Eater] [Village Voice] [Boston Globe] [Bloomberg] [Washington Post] [Gawker]... More

'Gourmet' Magazine: 1941–2009

"For me Gourmet has always been the gold standard for food magazines." The editor's letter from the premiere issue (January 1941) of Gourmet magazine. By now you've all read the shocking news this morning, courtesy of the New York Times, that Gourmet is going to cease publication with its upcoming November issue. The news hit anyone with a love for great writing and seriously delicious food hard. Really hard. For many of us Gourmet symbolized much of what we love about food journalism: terrific writing, careful editing, and beautiful photos. In recent years Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl has also added food politics and harder food news reporting into the magazine's editorial mix, which was much appreciated by me, at least.... More

Gourmet's Guide to Buying Seafood

What with good fish farms and bad fish farms, country of origin labels, PCBs, and mercury, the most complicated part of dinner can be simply figuring out which fish to buy. Since there is currently no USDA-certified standard for seafood, even the "organic" label is essentially useless. So Henry Lovejoy, president of EcoFish, offered Gourmet Magazine's Barry Estabrook some tips on buying sustainable seafood. Covering everything from diver scallops to replacements for Chilean sea bass, this concise guide to fish shopping could be a handy supermarket reference.... More

Gourmet's Cranberry Grappa Jelly

"The grappa cranberry mold from the Italian menu is amazing. There isn't one person from the magazine not making that this year." —Ruth Reichl Read our interview with Gourmet magazine's editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl about the magazine's approach to Thanksgiving this... More

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