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Daily Slice: The Bread-Crumb Coated Crust at Gotham Pizza

[Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] "Trust me, Kenji, you're going to like this pizza," my friend said. Words of doom, if I've ever heard them, particularly when coming from a Cypriot (they may know how to grill meat with the best of them, but they don't know pizza from posole). That was right after I'd declared our immediate neighborhood of the upper-teens in Chelsea to be devoid of great pizza (the closest I was aware of was at Suprema, a good dozen blocks away). I still stand by that claim. The pizza at Gotham Pizza is by no means great—a... More

The Ingenious Crust of Gotham Pizza

Quite some time ago I received the following email about Gotham Pizza from Deb Perelman of the popular food blog Smitten Kitchen: This email is entirely about pizza, and this dinky slice place (Gotham Pizza) that just opened a couple blocks from my apartment that I'm kind of in love with. It's not brick-oven, they don't import mozzarella from anywhere, there are no fancy toppings and its MO could be aptly summed up as, "Hey, at least we're not Ray's."But seriously, as much am I waiting with baited breath for Co. to freaking open [I told you this was... More

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