'Got Milk' on Serious Eats

Got Milk? 2.0

Milk got cool when that guy, his mouth stuffed with peanut butter, answered a muffled “Aaron Burr” to the radio's Alexander Hamilton trivia question. (He lost because he didn’t gots milk). Then the string of celebs tattooed with milk ‘staches filled the pages of major national magazines, everyone from Batman to the Olsen twins were drinking it. Now the brains behind milk advertising are at it again, with a spoof band called White Gold, already with 3,000 MySpace friends. Everything about the page looks real, sounds real, and the band logged in today, just like any other MySpace band. The long-haired, wannabe Cobain frontman even blogs and wants you to buy his band's vintage-looking tees. Only difference is this... More

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