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AHT on TV: Damon, Katie, and Farley on 'Kitchen Nightmares' Tonight

The lovely and talented Katie Robbins dined with me and taco titan Farley Elliot broke burgers with some Yelp reviewers for the reopening of Burger Kitchen. It's being pitched as "most intense Kitchen Nightmares of the year." The first installment aired last Friday and tonight is the conclusion which includes the a reworked Burger Kitchen menu, staff, and interior. More

Should Restaurants Allow Substitutions?

There's only a certain degree to which leniency and customer service can be taken, and one can easily argue that making concessions could lead to more and more special requests being demanded by customers until it ends up making a real impact on how smoothly a kitchen runs. But what's the line? Is the customer always right? And if not, how often are they right? More

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Broccoli, Goat Cheese, and Oregano

Since Fettucini Alfredo, and probably long before it, most of us have experienced an occasional craving for noodles with creamy sauce. I try to avoid pasta dishes calling for actual cream—even the original "Alfredo" sauce was achieved with pasta starch, butter, and Parmesan before the cheater's use of cream came into more widespread use. But this recipe passes the creamy-but-creamless test with flying colors. More

Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, Episode 1

On the premiere episode of Cookalong Live, Gordon Ramsay promised to do what no person before him has ever done: no, not open a bag of Lay's potato chips and proceed to eat just one, but teach America how to cook a three-course meal. On live television. In one hour. Sure the show was mildly entertaining, but overall, it was a trainwreck. More

Video: Little Gordon Ramsay Is Sick of Hydrogenated School Cafeteria Sausage

We met Little Gordon, a munchkin doppelganger of the brutish British chef Gordon Ramsay, last year. Though a few feet smaller, Little Gordon tells it like it is, not afraid to pull out the bleepable words when he's handed subpar food. Poor Margaret, an otherwise jolly-looking lunch lady, feels the wrath of Little Gordon when he goes into a tizzy over the cafeteria sausage. The video, after the jump.... More

Why I Hate 'Hell's Kitchen'

"It's an arms race of foulness." Photograph from the Los Angeles Times I’ve been an Iron Chef fan since before the Food Network wormed its way into basic cable. I’ve watched and re-watched every episode of Top Chef ever aired; Top Chef Masters, too. I’ve even gotten hooked on The Next Food Network Star. But Hell’s Kitchen, whose sixth season premiered last night—I hate. Even as I sit typing these words, hours after the show, I can feel myself seething with rage. It’s not only that I think that Hell’s Kitchen is a terribly crafted program. It’s that it feeds off the very worst of humanity—sure, drawing out the ugliest parts of its competitors, but getting the audience caught up... More

In Videos: Making Tortellini with Gordon Ramsay

Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times braved a pasta tutorial with Gordon Ramsay. "Would he try to psych me out, the way he does contestants on the show? Would he tell me I'm worthless and have no self-respect?" Collins was admittedly a little nervous beforehand. And just as he expected, making tortellini with the Hell's Kitchen host—the show's fifth season wrapped up on Thursday—was an expletive-filled culinary experience. The video, after the jump.... More

Know Any Failing Restaurants For Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' Show?

Fox's Kitchen Nightmares is looking for bad-shape restaurants that need Gordon Ramsay's magic hands. Aren't all restaurants in less-than-good-shape right now with diners so freaked about the economy? Maybe this season Fox will receive a record number of submissions. The casting directors sound pretty anxious. From an e-mail: "PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY." Struggling restaurateurs should send the following info to Twinsworld1@aol.com: name, contact info (including phone number), restaurant name, location (city/state), type of cuisine, your specialty, how many seats you have, how long you have been open, photos or website if available, and why you need Ramsay's help. "The MORE INFO THE BETTER."... More

Snapshots from the UK: Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food Picnic Insulated Lunch Bag You know the first thing I order when I arrive in the UK, but what is the last thing I eat before I leave? Even though I love plane food, I think if it were British Airways's fish pie, I would be too depressed for words. Plane Food, the Restaurant in Terminal 5 at Heathrow Instead, since the culinarily inspired Terminal 5 opened at Heathrow this year, my last bite out of Britain is Gordan Ramsay's Plane Food. If you have time to kill, by all means, take a seat and order à la carte. The restaurant serves such refined fare as Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Parfait with Sauternes Jelly... More

Gordon Ramsay Cooks with Fox Two More Seasons

Gordon Ramsay got the thumbs-up from Fox to produce another two seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. The network is even considering a third series. Fox's president of alternative programming Mike Darnell told Variety that Ramsay is as much of a Fox personality staple as Simon Cowell and Hugh Laurie. They consider him so good, they're even putting Kitchen Nightmares at a time slot competitive with Grey’s Anatomy and CSI.... More

Little Gordon Upsets Ramsay's Real Son

Remember Little Gordon? The nine-year old internet sensation pretending to be a mini-version of the real Gordon Ramsay, complete with voluminous blond hair and a vocab that includes words like "rubbish"? The viral video campaign, launched by the UK-based hospitality site Caterer.com, disturbed Ramsay's real eight-year old son Jack. He was horrified by the fictitious—though pretty hypothetically accurate—representation of his foul-mouthed father on screen, believing this really was a younger version of Daddy. According to Ramsay in the New York Post: I got sent [the link] yesterday. I was with my [8-year-old] son Jack and [my wife] Tana. I said, 'Look, come and see Daddy when he was 8.' And Jack started watching it and he started getting upset... More

In Videos: Little Gordon Terrorizes Like Gordon Ramsay, But Is Way Cuter

In a series of promotional videos by UK hospitality industry job search engine Caterer.com, Little Gordon, a prepubescent—but just as foul-mouthed—version of Gordon Ramsay, embarks "on a personal mission to rid the world of rubbish food and pathetic service." And by this, he instills terror into the hearts of anyone who makes or serves him food in a subpar manner, including his mother. Watch the first and second videos (a third is still on the way) after the jump.... More

Celebrity Chefs Are Everywhere But in Their Kitchens

Are we surprised that celebrity chefs aren't dutifully spending sweaty nights in their restaurant kitchens? The Telegraph investigates the presence of celebrity chefs in their restaurants' kitchens and bemoans, "celebrity chefs feel no compunction charging us top rates for the work of an underling." They liken absentee chefs to a tribute band playing "as stand-ins for the Rolling Stones." The Telegraph set out to discover which rock star chefs might be found yielding a knife or stirring a sauce. The verdict: none. Jamie Oliver doesn't actually cook at Jamie's Italian in Oxford; Heston Blumenthal is nowhere to be found at his Berkshire spot, Fat Duck; and Gordon Ramsay's job description at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay entails overseeing the menu and visiting... More

Interview with Christina Machamer, Winner of Hell's Kitchen

Eater LA interviews Christina Machamer, and she reveals that her official title at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant is senior chef—not the promised executive chef: "Do I know what it takes to be an exec chef? Yes. Do I have it yet? No. For me, being where I am, I know it's not the right position for me." Related The Winner of 'Hell's Kitchen' and Gordon Ramsay's New 'Executive Chef' The Prize of Winning 'Hell's Kitchen': Executive Chef by Title Only... More

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