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Notes from the South: North Carolina Barbecue

Chichi Wang 15 comments

In the good state of North Carolina, barbecue means chopped pork. No fatty ribs or spice-rubbed brisket—just the whole hog or shoulder (depending on the region) slowly smoked overnight. For your viewing pleasure, here's a look at some classic barbecue joints in the state, including Wilber's, Lexington, and Allen and Son. More

Wilber's Barbecue

Alaina Browne 11 comments

A trip to down to North Carolina to visit my family was the perfect excuse to pay a visit to Wilber's Barbecue. Wilber's hasn't changed much if at all in the 26 years I've been eating there. Growing up, we'd stop at Wilber's on our way down to the beach on summer weekends and order barbecue, slaw, and bread (hush puppies) from the takeout counter. I didn't realize it at the time, but we were eating some of the best barbecue in the country and, in my opinion, the best Eastern Carolina–style barbecue—whole hog smoked over an oakwood fire, chopped and dressed with a peppery vinegar sauce. Wilber’s Barbecue is such a well-loved barbecue institution that the city of... More

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