'Godiva' on Serious Eats

Taste Test: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

This was by far one of the most violent taste tests we've had at Serious Eats world headquarters—we butchered off ears, cottontails, and hind legs, trying not to think too hard about former fluffy pets or Thumper. But hey, we needed to find the best of the hippity-hoppity chocolate Easter rabbits (and carving matzo wouldn't have been as fun). More

I Won't Drink It, But I Will Eat It

Apparently yesterday was National Brandy Alexander Day—if the cocktail isn't your thing, perhaps you'd like to try making it as ice cream? It's hard to say no to a recipe that involves whole milk AND heavy cream, let alone one that's got brandy and Godiva chocolate liqueur too!... More

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